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56-year-old man talks to his 18-year-old self

If you could talk to your 18 year old self what would you say?

56-year-old man talks to his 18-year-old self

If you could talk to your 18-year-old self what would you say?

Stop being an idiot? Get a haircut immediately? Here's a sports almanac for the next 50 years?

Well, now a man from America (not Biff Tannen) has (sort of) done just that. 

In 1977, a fresh-faced 18-year old Peter Emshwiller recorded himself ‘interviewing’ an imagined older version of himself. Now, almost 40 years later, a 56-year old Peter has finally sat down on other other side and become the interviewee.

The resulting video called Later That Same Life is a funny, thought-provoking and poignant look at life.

The most touching moment comes when the young Peter asks the old Peter about his family. Present day Peter pauses for a moment and says: “Spend more time with dad.”

Sadly for young Peter his older self hasn’t become fabulously wealthy but he is at least happily married. Young Peter becomes very interested at this information and asks his older self for some gossip.

Present day Peter looks horrified and says: “Oh my god, she's like 12 years old now. Stay away from her!"

The current film is just a snippet of the one Emswhiller hopes to make and he's started a RocketHub to try and raise enough money for a full length film. 

So hopefully we'll see some more within the next 40 years.