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Daniel Radcliffe’s next role is NSA turncoat Edward Snowden

A 'non-traditional' take promised

Daniel Radcliffe’s next role is NSA turncoat Edward Snowden

Ever had a night at the theatre or a gig ruined by someone using their mobile phone? Well, you may want to give this a miss.

Daniel Radcliffe is returning to the stage to star as Edward Snowden in an off-Broadway production of a play called Privacy.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the play is a 'non-traditional' take on the story of the man who revealed the extent of the NSA's surveillance on its citizens, before gaining asylum in Russia.

The play "will explore how technology and privacy relate in our current digital age", with Radcliffe starring as 'The Writer', a lonely man who moves to a new city. To fit in with the themes, audiences will be asked to leave their phones on during the performance. So you might want to change that One Direction ringtone before heading in to the venue.

The play will begin previews on 5 July and run until 7 August in the Newman Theater in New York, meaning that you'll be able to see Radcliffe's Snowden just before Joseph Gordon-Levitt's interpretation, in the forthcoming big-budget, Oliver Stone-directed biographical political thriller Snowden.

Who will play him better? Like government files, all will be revealed soon.

(Image: Rex)