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Daisy Ridley teases spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VIII

Or is it just a Jedi mind trick?

Daisy Ridley teases spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VIII
07 July 2016

Okay, so we might have used something of a Jedi mind trick with that headline - but we're aware that some people won't want to hear anything about Star Wars: Episode VIII until it's actually in cinemas. 

Not you though. That's why you're here right? Good. 

With filming set to wrap on Rian Johnson's Star Wars effort at the close of July (pending any reshoots, a la Rogue One), Ridley took to Instagram to record one final gym session training montage. 

"So what? She's been getting buff for her Jedi training for yonks." Indeed she has - glad you've been keeping up. But she's never gone to the gym with a pillow case on her head before...

Why the heck does Ridley need to hide her Rey hairstyle? 

Does a lightsaber training exercise result in an accidental hair chop? 

Could an epic encounter with Kylo Ren bleach Rey's hair white? 

Is Ridley just playing with us all, hoping we'd get over excited about a simple thing like a pillow case on her head?

Let us know which you think below...