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Customised Watch Faces For Android Wear Gadgets

Customised Watch Faces For Android Wear Gadgets

11 December 2014

We want to like smartwatches. Really we do. But so far the offerings have been complicated, underwhelming and inelegant. An update to the Google Play store may have just changed the face of things. Literally.

To help bring some customisation and life to the various Android Wear devices currently adorning wrists, a Watch Faces section has been brought to Google Play. From designer screens to video games tributes, dozens of custom themes are now available to download to your watch. 

While there aren't that many options to choose from yet, the launch of an API developer pack means that clever people who know a lot more about technology than us are bound to start adding some slick designs in the coming months. The Android Wear partnering app has also received an update, making your smartwatch smarter still for downloading, browsing and switching watch faces. 

Here are some of the best new designs to brighten up your clever timepiece. 

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