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There's no point us pretending anymore. We love posters. When Athena closed down, we cried a river. If we had our way, there'd be no such thing as blank walls.

But this doesn't mean that we'll hang/blu-tack any old one-sheet up. You won't find one of these monstrosities disgracing the walls of the ShortList office.

Which is why, when genuine poster greatness comes our way, we get a little bit excited. This brings us to Matt Needle, one of our new favourite people, who created these awesome designs for a selection of cult properties. From TV (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire) to music (Joy Division) to film (A Clockwork Orange, Blue Velvet), Matt's work deserves to be a staple of any student abode.

If you fancy getting one for your own place then check out Matt's site here.

  • Cult Posters

    Blue Velvet

  • Cult Posters 1

    Mad Men

  • Cult Posters 2

    Mulholland Drive

  • Cult Posters 3


  • Cult Posters 4

    Joy Division

  • Cult Posters 5

    Boardwalk Empire

  • Cult Posters 6

    True Grit

  • Cult Posters 7

    Twin Peaks

  • Cult Posters 8

    The Killer Inside Me

  • Cult Posters 9

    A Clockwork Orange


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