Prepare for a good old cry: this grandad's Instagram account is the sweetest thing you'll see this month

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Gary Ogden

Instagram is great. You can use it to look at pictures of nice sunsets, other people’s food, sexy people with their tops off, dogs, cats, memes, art, famous people in their bathroom and coffees spontaneously rested next to books with some feet in the background. It can make you happy, horny, hateful, hungry and horrendously jealous.

But today, today it is making me cry. 

It is making me cry because I have stumbled upon Geoffrey Walker’s Instagram account.

It was all because of the following tweet:

Of course, that led me down a rabbit hole on Geoff's Insta, and now I am crying. It's top quality stuff - a nice man and his nice wife posting nice pictures and nice videos about nice things. I love it. Just look:

Top stuff. The Metro chatted to Geoffrey about his newfound fame. He said:

“I always include pictures of Pauline especially doing her craft work – she gained an A level for arts and crafts in the 6th form at King Edward 7th when she was 70 years old.

“We were married in 1951 when I was a soldier, I left for overseas duty shortly afterwards and returned some 18 months later to write my book to tell the story of our love during this long separation.

“I don’t know about internet sensations, all will blow over in a couple days.”

I’m sure when it does, you’ll still keep up the great work Geoffrey.

(Images: @Geoffreywalk)


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