Revealed: The official name for the new Crossrail (and it's not as cool as you wanted it to be)


Its construction has blighted Londoners' lives for nearly seven years and taken half of Soho with it - but like it or not, it's opening in just over two years' time.

Depending on your point of view, it's either going to revolutionise travel across the capital, bringing extra capacity and making East to West journeys far easier, or it's simply going to encourage yet more people to live and work in the Capital which, if you didn't know, is already fairly busy these days.

And today it moved a step closer with the announcement of its actual name (which, we must admit, just thought was going to be called Crossrail).

It's going to be called - wait for it - the Elizabeth Line, creating yet another royal-themed tube line, following the Victoria Line and the Jubilee Line.

Whatever you think of it now, prepare to start using our esteemed Monarch's name in vain as we curse that 'there's delays on the bloody Lizzy line again'.

What do you think? Would you have gone for an alternative? Let us know below.


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