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Could a new Crash Bandicoot game be on the way?

The platforming classic to return to the PlayStation 4?

Could a new Crash Bandicoot game be on the way?

At 16:33 on 6 February, the official Twitter account of PlayStation Middle East dropped a tantalising image that set the hearts of gamers a flutter.

 "Most Wanted person... Where are you Crash?" reads the tweet, in a PR move that doesn't so much throw fuel on the fires of speculation, but builds a vast pyre, lobs a can of gasoline on it and starts peppering it with matches.  

Despite making his name on PlayStations past, Crash is currently the intellectual property of the publisher Activision - so it seems bizarre that PlayStation would be hinting at a new title before the current owners make any official declarations on the matter.

The closest that PlayStation has ever come to stating an interest in reacquiring their once-mighty mascot came in 2014 when CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House told The Telegraph he wouldn't "close the door" on bringing back Crash.

We'll have to wait for June's E3 conference to hear anything solid - unless PlayStation's Middle Eastern press team feel like dropping any further clangers.