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Cops Issue Ticket To Six-Year Old

A menace to society? Not really

Cops Issue Ticket To Six-Year Old

What kind of a tearaway ruffian hoodlum were you at six years of age? In trouble with the police? No, of course you weren’t – well, we hope you weren’t – so spare a thought for poor little Gael Noriega.

Like many other excitable kids over the festive period, Gael, who hails from the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, was playing with one of his Christmas presents (a miniature motorbike since you ask) when he felt the full force of the law.

Granted, he drove his gasoline-powered bike into an SUV (we’re sure the vehicle was tough enough to withstand the impact), but perhaps issuing a ticket citing reckless driving, driving without a license and not having his vehicle registered was possibly a touch heavy-handed.

Thankfully, after Gael’s mum royally kicked off about the $183 fine, the authorities dropped the charge. Unfortunately, it isn’t such good news for the bike – it no longer works.

Hopefully all involved have learned something terribly important here.

(Image: netinlet)