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Cop sued after issuing speeding ticket and asking for a date

Who's been a naughty boy then?

Cop sued after issuing speeding ticket and asking for a date
04 January 2012

Wooing a lady can be hard. How best to make a play for that woman who makes you feel all tingly can be a bewildering minefield of options, most of which end in inevitable disaster.

So, it goes without saying, that we applaud any spark of ingenuity when it comes to the dating game. However, the actions of an Illinois cop in attempting to snare the object of his desires are most definitely beyond the pale.

Police officer Chris Collins is being sued by a suburban Chicago woman, Evangelina Paredes, who asserts that after he issued her with a speeding ticket he violated his privileges as a custodian of the law by finding out her address and then asking her out for a date.

Collins allegedly left an admittedly self-deprecating note (‘You’re far too good for me, blah, blah, blah, but…’) on her car windscreen offering to make up for the $132 ticket. Unfortunately for Collins, Paredes failed to see either the funny side or the chance of romance and has issued a lawsuit claiming the stalking caused great fear and anxiety.

We assume that means it’s a no to the chance of some onion rings at the local diner then?

(Image: Rex Features)