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Computer Game Addict Lawyer Banned

Please, just one more game...

Computer Game Addict Lawyer Banned

We've all been guilty of daydreaming at work about our Football Manager tactics and transfer policy, but a Pennsylvanian lawyer has taken it a little too far.

Matthew Eshelman has been suspended from legal practice for three years for mishandling a series of cases under his watch as a result of developing an 'addiction' to video games

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard how he lost track of client money, ignored deadlines and even lied in a divorce hearing, all whilst playing more and more games in order to escape from stress at work and domestic problems.

Shortlist can sympathise; it must be hard to have any regard for the world of legal work when you're rampaging through a city trying to evade the cops all night in Grand Theft Auto.


(Image: Rex Features)

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