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The Chuckle Brothers are heading back to our TV screens

The boys are back in town again

The Chuckle Brothers are heading back to our TV screens
26 April 2018

ChuckleVision, eh? That was… good? Was it? It becomes quite unclear when you actually think about it - did you actually even like it as a child? You shall never know, this is the fickle nature of time and the effect it has on your rapidly dwindling memory. 

Still, at least you remember it was a thing, and you remember Barry and Paul - let’s all agree that the overall feeling is of a hazy fondness, regardless of evidence to back it up. Nice lads, the Chuckles, that’s what you think.

So news that they’re coming back to television should fill you with at least a lukewarm feeling, at best a full-warm one - all heated up, you will be, upon hearing the news. The brothers will be heading to Channel 5 with Chuckle Time, a series comprising 12 episodes in which they’ll introduce funny internet clips (which, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think has been done before) and perform classic sketches.

It’ll be a ‘Saturday evening teatime series’ but there’s no word yet on when exactly it will air.

What a pair of legends

Channel 5 told Digital Spy:

“The Chuckle Brothers have spent their lives falling over and making us laugh, and now they are watching us makes fools of ourselves as the public and audience upload fails, flops and funnies onto the internet.”

This 22°C comeback is surprisingly the first proper project that the guys have worked on since ChuckleVision went off the air in 2009, after a whacking 21 series. Since then, they’ve been keeping themselves busy with the reality TV show circuit, appearing on the likes of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Come Dine With Me, Celebrity Coach Trip, Pointless Celebrities and Celebrity Juice.

Oh, and releasing a grime video with Tinchy Stryder.

A notable absence, however, is an appearance on Big Brother, even though they’re keen as beans to make it happen. Barry recently told Digital Spy:

“I’d probably do Celebrity Big Brother. We were asked and they were talking to us about it but nothing came of it. I think they thought we weren’t nasty enough.”

Paul added:

“Maybe one day we’ll give it a go. It would be fun, as long as they’ve got whisky in there and not just beer and wine.”

Either way, you’ll be able to watch them soon enough, when Chuckle Time hits our screens. To me, to you, to me, to you (repeat to fade)…..

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