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Chris from 'Love Island' has just released 2017's weirdest product

We love how ridiculous this is

Chris from 'Love Island' has just released 2017's weirdest product

I make no bones about the fact that I watched all of this summer’s season of Love Island, and simultaneously loved all of it, so it stands to reason that I would also not be embarrassed to admit I have been following some of the contestants’ post-show careers as well. Essentially, this boils down to Chris and Kem, but still, I might pop a look at Montana’s Insta now and again for a quick refresher.

So obviously, I was one of the first to know about Chris’ new collaboration with Topman, and I think it’s great. Here’s the announcement trailer:

I mean, I thought it was a joke at first, but it seems that Topman are actually releasing a bottled water, complete with Chris’ tears as an active (gross) ingredient. That you can actually buy. 

Chris says:

“It’s no secret that I shed a few tears on Love Island. Since leaving the show, I have been overwhelmed with the incredible love shown by fans of the show. Launching my own mineral water, infused with my own tears, is a chance for me to give something special back to those who have supported me since returning from the island.”

’Infused’ could quite easily mean as little as one tear per a thousand bottles, of course - it’s all nonsense, but I think it’s wonderful nonsense. I mean, just look at this:

It’s 100% obvious that this is two hundred miles away from being serious. Not that this has stopped an army of confused Love Island fans taking to Twitter to express their bewilderment:

No, I think this is great - well done Christopher Hughes. Whether it’s a PR stunt for something else or it actually is legit, I think it’s funny and good. And you can’t really ask for much more than that: funny and good, mission accomplished.

(Image: Topman)