Chelsea-supporting lawyer gets sacked after rant goes viral


Life really does have a terrible sense of humour.

After going on a much shared rant about why Jose Mourinho should keep his job after Chelsea’s 1-3 loss to Liverpool, blues fan Clive O'Connell has lost his.

In the video O’Connell is interviewed on Neeks Sports' YouTube channel and vents his fury about people calling for Mourinho’s head. But, unfortunately for Clive, he doesn’t stop there and goes on to brand Liverpool fans as “Scouse scum.”

(Life lesson: don't give an interview to anyone standing outside a football stadium, particularly if your team has just been beaten)

This kind of language didn’t go down too well with his employers, law firm Goldberg Segalla, and their managing partner Rich Cohen even felt the need to make a video (that looks like an American Office DVD extra) of his own to announce O’Connell’s sacking.

If Jose does end up getting fired, which looks increasingly likely after yet another loss at the weekend, then at least he'll have someone to go for a coffee with. 

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