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Check the date on your new pound coins, you could be sitting on a fortune

Well, like a £500 one

Check the date on your new pound coins, you could be sitting on a fortune
11 April 2017

Those new pound coins are fun aren’t they? All shiny and edgy – they’re literally edgy. You can stand them up on their side easier than the old ones, but they don’t roll as well, which is a shame – have you tried putting them in one of those swirly charity collection boxes? Anti-climax, mate. But apart from that, I’m on board with them – I like them.

However, I would like them even more if they were worth more than one quid. Which is why the news that some definitely are, is music to my wallet.

Essentially, if you have a “new” pound coin with a date reading 2016 (instead of 2017), or one stamped “trial”, then you might be in the money. That’s because before they were officially introduced, the Royal Mint chucked a bunch of trial coins into circulation, to help retailers have time to update their coin-handling machines.

The Royal Mint has said that they are worth no more than your 2017 ones, but eagle-eyed coin dorks have reported seeing them going for as much as £549 on eBay. That’s quite the investment, isn’t it?

I mean, you’ve got to be king of the currency nerds to drop a cinq hunned fiddy on a one quid coin, but if they’re out there and willing, then you know what you’ve got to do: take advantage. If you find a 2016 edgy pound coin, drop that shit on eBay. Think how many cool things you could buy with £549? You could even buy one of those really rare 2016 one pound coins that everyone’s banging on about.