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Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for £38m after app reveals antics to wife

This week in journeys that lead to divorce

Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for £38m after app reveals antics to wife
13 February 2017

A philandering Frenchman has hit Uber with a £38m lawsuit for exposing his affair to his wife which led to divorce.

In what has been a monumentally bad fortnight for the taxi app, having already been boycotted and their CEO Travis Kalanick (pictured above) stepping down from Trump’s economic advisory board, the French businessman has topped it off for them by seeking rather large damages for exposing his extra-marital activities. 

According to Le Figaro, he claims he once signed in to his Uber account on his wife’s phone but despite using the log-off function the app kept sending updates to her phone on all the journeys he’d been taking around the Riviera and raising suspicions about his need for all of them. 

“My client was the victim of a bug in an application,” his lawyer David-André Darmon told AFP news agency after the case was lodged at a court in Grasse in south-east France.

“There’s a function to disconnect but the session was not disconnected and the bug has caused him problems in his private life,” Darmon added.

When asked for more details, his lawyer said that his client “wished to remain discreet and retain his anonymity.”

Uber refused to comment, stating that the company “does not publicly comment on individual cases, and especially on cases that involve a divorcing couple.”

The bug in question relates to one that only affected iPhone’s, not Android, and was reportedly fixed in an update in December 2016.

Best not ignore that reminder that a new version is now available, should you be taking journeys that may end in divorce.