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Charlie Brooker has cancelled his '2017 Wipe' - here's why

It's not *all* bad news

Charlie Brooker has cancelled his '2017 Wipe' - here's why

What really marks the end of the year? The trees finally losing their succulent leaves, laid bare for in the cold weather? The first soft flake of snow that winter brings? The chiming bells that signal that Christmas is here? Or the ten thousand end-of-year lists that websites (us included, don’t think we’re above it) insist on pushing onto your tired, tired eyeballs?

Well, I suppose they all signal that one year is coming to an end and the rich promise of another year of disappointment and failure is nearly upon us, but for many people the true and only way to bring 2017 to a close would be with an episode of Charlie Brooker’s legendary Wipe.

It’s existed in various forms - weekly, electiony, screeny, gamey - but the end-of-year closer is usually a banger, as Brooker goes through the various crazy events of the year with his usual fine toothcomb, finesse and general incredulity.

However, disaster, for this year: no Wipe.

The man announced it himself yesterday via ‘The Twitter’:


And for those wondering why he couldn’t just do a shortened version if he was low on time?

Which is fair enough really isn’t it?

Fans took the news fairly well.

While others made other not-unreasonable requests:

So yes, for those of you who are bitterly disappointed, console yourselves with the ‘imminent’ arrival of the fourth series of Black Mirror - and if you can’t even wait for that, you should read Brooker rate real life Black Mirror events right here.

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