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Canyon's Luxury Urban And Commuter Bikes

Canyon's Luxury Urban And Commuter Bikes

Canyon's Luxury Urban And Commuter Bikes
02 September 2014

Be it for us to scoff at fold-up bikes, but have you ever seen someone not look a bit daft riding one of those miniature commuter gadgets?

We thought not. That’s why when we hear the words ‘commuter bike’, we don’t automatically think ‘flat-pack folding a la IKEA’, we think unapologetically robust yet specially designed curves for the discerning city cyclist.

It seems we weren’t alone. Upmarket cycling outfit Canyon has just launched two similar-mined contraptions, each benefiting from some sleek and low-slung handlebars, helping a rider better navigate through bumper-to-bumper traffic jams without sacrificing style.

First up is the Canyon Commuter, featuring hub gears, integrated lighting built into the frame and twin mudguards that double as luggage racks, and, best of all, a carbon belt drivetrain to ensure you don’t get oil on your suit trousers.

Next is the Canyon Urban, fitted with more conventional steel drivetrain and even a theft-protected seat post – which could come in handy…

With prices starting from £1,099 on pre-order from Canyon, it’s a steal.