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Just 14 really cool pictures of Burt Reynolds

Each one of these photos is cooler than any photo of you

Just 14 really cool pictures of Burt Reynolds
07 September 2018

Sad news today, as we hear of Burt Reynolds passing at the age of 82, moustashioed legend of film - a man that made hairy arms cool (RIP Robin Williams) and who popularised the bow and arrow way before Jennifer Lawrence jumped on the bandwagon.

The thing about Burt was that he was cool, he was… just… cool. Cool old dude, was Burt. Real cool, coolio, cool-cool-cool.

Don’t believe us? Well, to prove it, we shall simply display 14 photos of the man that are undeniably cool. Like, you can’t look at these pictures and disagree with the sentiment - it is impossible. 

Just try it, we dare you:

See? You can’t, can ya?

RIP Burt.

(Images: Getty)