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Brushing your teeth will never be the same again thanks to this app

You can now gamify your bathroom session

Brushing your teeth will never be the same again thanks to this app

We're not here to patronise you - you're a grown adult, you know how to brush your teeth with your best electric toothbrush.

It's just... well, it's a bit dull isn't it? There are no high scores, no power combos or unlockable challenges - just minty paste and spitting.

Japanese tech group Sunstar thinks you could be having much more fun with your mouth (steady) by turning it into a video game. Really.

They've launched G.U.M. Play - a small device that attaches to the base of your toothbrush to monitor your brush strokes, analysing your technique to ensure you're brushing effectively.

"The usual three minutes of brushing will turn into an exhilarating three minutes of discovery." We're honestly not making this up - it's all right here, on the G.U.M. Play website.

With your smart brush activated (there are flashing LEDs and everything), you can select one of three games to play via a connected smartphone:

  • Mouth Monster sees you use your toothbrush to defeat monster characters based on actual oral bacteria. One for the kids, this.
  • Mouth Band is like Guitar Hero for your teeth, playing three minutes of music dictated by your brushing style
  • Mouth News isn't so much a game as an audio news reader that'll only play if you're brushing like a good boy

Data from these games is then recorded in your Mouth Log, showing you the duration of your brushing and which parts of your mouth you might be neglecting - giving you a score for all 16 (?!) areas of your mouth.

At 5,000 Yen (about £35), the device is actually cheaper than the average electric brush. You can import one here.

Here's hoping they bring out a flossing companion app in the near future.