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Bruce Willis Starring In Stage Play of Misery

Bruce Willis Starring In Stage Play of Misery

Bruce Willis Starring In Stage Play of Misery
05 March 2015

Carrie: The Musical was one of Broadway's most famous flops, so they'll be hoping for better luck this time.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Stephen King's Misery is heading to Broadway, with Bruce Willis to star as the author Paul Sheldon, originally played by James Caan in the Oscar-winning 1990 film.

The role will present Willis a Broadway debut, in which he will star opposite Elizabeth Marvel, who will play the role of superfan Annie Wilkies, previously portrayed, of course, by Kathy Bates, who won the best actress Oscar for her performance.

Off-stage, Will Frears will direct, working with a script written by William Goldman - the man who wrote the screenplay for the original film. The world premiere of the adaptation took place at Bucks County Playhouse back in autumn 2012; this will be its first viewing in a bigger arena. The theatre is still to be announced, but whatever its location, the production sure to be hugely anticipated.

While Stephen King's novels have frequently, and usually successfully, transferred to both the big and small screens, stage adaptations have not been quite as forthcoming. 1988's Carrie was a notorious flop - although it has since gained a cult following, and a few other titles have enjoyed moderate runs. Misery was originally adapted to a stage play by Simon Moore in 1987, while Jeff Hockhauser and Bob Johnson wrote a musical version; however, neither was ever staged.

Perhaps they should film a behind-the-scenes documentary, just in case we have a real-life Birdman on our hands.

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