Brilliant clip sees small children hilariously parodying UK politicians

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Dave Fawbert

The Green Party seriously know their way around a good viral advert.

After mocking the leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties in the run up to the 2015 election, they're at it again with this frankly genius clip, which depicts the mainstream politicians as a bunch of feuding children.

Watch little Boris and little George trying to score points in the playground, poor little Jeremy having to endure his 'friends' making fun of him, little Jeremy and little David getting into a 'your mum' argument (which, of course, actually happened), little Tim wondering where it all went wrong for his yellow gang, little Theresa threatening some foreign soft toys and little Sadiq and little Zac having a fight about whose 'housings' are better than the other.

The sad thing is, we'd probably trust these kids to do a better job of running the country than the lot we've got at the moment.

At least some of the targets are taking the clip in good spirit: