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BrewDog are giving away one million pints of Punk IPA

No spiel. No hard sell. Just a free pint of Punk IPA from BrewDog

BrewDog are giving away one million pints of Punk IPA

So, the way this usually works is once you’ve finished looking at the carefully back-lit beer bottle with a few beads of condensation slipping seductively down its side, we tell you about what’s inside. We give you a rundown of all the ingredients that go into BrewDog, describing each one in breathless detail with lots of unnecessary adjectives. We tell you all the complicated processes that go into making it, using terms like “quadruple-filtered”, as if that means something to anyone except the head filterer. We give you a sepia-tinged story of BrewDog’s history. We describe the flavour using highfalutin comparisons, telling you it tastes like a feeling, or a memory, or something else that doesn’t actually have a flavour. But why would we?

If we really wanted you to hear a great song we wouldn’t describe it to you. We’d play it to you. So instead of telling you all about BrewDog’s beers, we’re going to buy you a pint and let you experience it for yourself.

BrewDog is so confident it produces some of the best beers you’ll ever taste that it’s putting its money where its mouth is and giving away one million pints. Yep. One. Million. Pints. All you need to do is go to to download your voucher, take it to your nearest BrewDog bar before 30 April and swap it for a pint. It’s one pint per person, but pass on the voucher to as many people as you like. Rally your friends. Treat your dad. Bring your workmates (but not the ones you don’t like).

As a hero of the craft beer world, BrewDog has plenty of excellent choices but the best news is that your free beer will be a pint of Punk IPA – their flagship beer, no less. Exploding with tropical fruit layers before it hits with a spiky bitter finish, it’s full-on, full-flavour and full-throttle. Wait, we’re starting to do the hard sell. Enough talk. Just download your voucher, enjoy your free pint of Punk IPA and make up your own mind.