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“Both my toe and ego were shattered”

Andy from Bristol talks about a time he manned up and moved on while on a date

“Both my toe and ego were shattered”

Wing-Co. is a new chocolate drink aimed at helping men to ‘man-up’ against hunger. So if you find your energy levels dipping, buy a bottle of Wing-Co.

To celebrate the drink’s launch, we asked some of our readers to share their tales of when they have managed to man-up and style it out. First up is Andy from Bristol, who manned up on a date.

“I’d had bad dates before. I can still remember the girl who wore a pair of heavy-duty boots and, middate, asked to sit down and pray.

“The advice I’d been given for this particular hook-up was, ‘just don’t mess this one up’. Jane was attractive and quirky, while I was nervous and drank more cocktails than necessary to try and settle my nerves.

“The date went better than usual, to the extent that I was invited in for a night cap.

“It was in the midst of a cold snap, the heating was broken and Jane disappeared to find a solution to the chill, bizarrely returning with a skipping rope and starting a brief exercise routine. Odd, granted.

“I was offered the chance to follow suit, and I considered it rude to say no. Whether it was the drink or a lack of balance, I fell. Badly. “I brushed myself down and tried to ignore the searing pain in my foot. I politely bid Jane goodnight and ordered a taxi. I pointed the driver towards A&E. X-rays showed my foot was broken. With bones and ego shattered, a cast was applied.

“Little did I know that was merely the beginning: Jane and I are now married with children.”

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