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'Bored' teen faces charges for shooting at cops

Nothing on telly, eh?

'Bored' teen faces charges for shooting at cops
18 September 2011

18-year-old gang-member Malo Dashaunta Gomez wouldn’t be the first teenager to whip out his weapon at the first pang of boredom. But he’s most likely the only one looking at decades in prison for doing so.

The Minneapolis-based dufus elected to take pot shots at a squad car with two policemen inside, telling the authorities he did so because he was ‘bored’.

The crime initially had the police baffled, as well it might, but trajectory and ballistics investigations soon uncovered Gomez as the perp.

While neither police officer was injured in the random act of buffoonery, his decision to pump off a few rounds instead of sticking on FIFA (or the US equivalent) has him facing two counts of first-degree attempted murder, another two of first-degree assault and a presumably tricky mission to raise a bail bill of $1million.

Cue the slow clapping… clap… clap… clap.