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A classic daytime TV show is getting a welcome reboot

Students, rejoice!

A classic daytime TV show is getting a welcome reboot
03 December 2018

If you’re of a certain age (apologies), then you might remember Blockbusters, the classic Bob Holness-fronted ‘80s and ‘90s gameshow that pitted boffy students against each other. If your memory is a tad foggy, maybe these two things will jog your brain into action:

1) The banging theme tune:

2) “I’ll have a P please Bob”, which is absolutely hilarious, we think you’ll agree, and never got old (meaning it won’t get old this time around):

Anyway, reboot-culture means they’re bringing it back for a new audience. Of course, it’s actually already been revised with different hosts like Michael Aspel, Liza Tarbuck and Simon Mayo (the latest of which hosted in 2012), but this time around it’ll be Dara O’Briain taking the lead.

Louise Holmes at Comedy Central UK said:

“One of the UK’s most beloved gameshow formats, Blockbusters is an iconic show that a lot of people hold close to their hearts.

“Dara O Briain, is the perfect quizmaster for the comedy reboot of this nostalgic show. That famous Blockbusters theme tune will once again be hummed in living rooms up and down the country very soon!”

Dara added:

“I’m delighted to take over this classic quiz-show, and with it, the speculation that, like Bob Holness, I played the saxophone on the original recording of Baker St. For the record, I did not, although I did play the Marimba on ‘I Shot the Sheriff’. 

“However, I will not be laughing at contestants saying ‘I’d like a P please, Dara’, just as I haven’t laughed at the planet ‘Uranus’ in 10 years of StargazingLive. See, I can do serious.”

It starts on Comedy Central in 2019. Enjoy seeing students asking a man if they can go for a whizz!

(Image: Getty)