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Here's how to get loads of free food, booze and gifts on your birthday

This website holds the key

Here's how to get loads of free food, booze and gifts on your birthday
19 January 2018

Everyone loves a freebie, don’t they. I once saw a crowd of over-excited punters attack a promotional stall handing out free ice creams like a pack of ravenous dogs. And quite frankly I don’t blame them, for I too love a good free giveaway.

And there’s now a fantastic website that handily tells you all the different freebies you can get from restaurants and retailers when it’s your birthday. The site is powered by Vouchercloud, the UK’s most downloaded mobile voucher app. 

And before you ask, no you can’t just say your birthday is tomorrow because certain retailers will ask for proof.

Katie Ward, a spokeswoman for Vouchercloud, told me: “We’ve collated this information together from various retailers as a really handy tool for those really wanting to make the most of their birthdays. 

“Independent retailers will have their own policies on how they verify this, so users should be aware they may need to provide some form of proof. 

“There may also be other terms involved, for example, many brands which require an email sign-up require you to have been a member for anywhere from one-three months before you get your freebie - others allow you to just walk in on the day.”

These are some of the fantastic freebies you can get your hands on when your birthday rolls around:

A live camera shot of a man getting a birthday freebie 

And there are lots more deals where you’ll get free items if you spend a certain amount or you’ll get a certain percentage off your bill.

Head over to the birthday freebies website here.

Happy birthday, world! 

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