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4 documentaries about unsung sporting heroes you need to watch

Forget Man City's 'All or Nothing', this is the real thing

4 documentaries about unsung sporting heroes you need to watch
04 October 2018

Valley Uprising

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A look at the legendary thrillseeking dirtbag outlaws who shaped the rock climbing revolution in Yosemite 50 years back, with nothing but ropes, blistered fingers and a whole lotta weed.

Most poignant line: “We had a purpose: ‘Only through climbing can you find yourself.’”

Ladies First

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The story of Deepika Kumari, who rocketed to become the world’s number-one female archer as a means to escape the poverty and expectations of her upbringing in India.

Most poignant line: “I believe [men] are afraid of us – that if we are given freedom, we will surpass them.”

The Barkley Marathons  

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Discover the world’s most gruelling and bonkers 100-mile race; entrance costs a car licence plate and there’s no prize waiting for your battered body at the end.

Most poignant line: “You can’t accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.”

Minding The Gap

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This doc about boys liberating themselves by skateboarding in Illinois has bagged itself a huge number of awards already. Expect important discussions about masculinity.

Most poignant line: “As long as I’m able to go skate, I’m completely fine.”

(Images: Netflix/Minding The Gap)