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5 product tips for rescuing your body from heatwave damage

That burning gassy orb is no good for your skin, pal

5 product tips for rescuing your body from heatwave damage
15 August 2018

Sunshine can hit our our bodies hard. Mr Hyde roped in the expertise of Mark Smith, a.k.a. The Spa Man (which yes, does make him sound like a grooming superhero, thanks for asking) for his top tips on how to protect your bod when the sun blares.

Best for all-round skin replenishment

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What’s happened here, then? The sun was novel at first, so you sought it out. But then it was inescapable, then it was chasing you down the street and NO MISTER SUN, NO, I HAVE A FAMILY, PLEASE. (Everyone’s skin has had too much sun, basically.)

Mark says: “Use Murad’s serum (£70) under your daily moisturiser and you will definitely see the results. It’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation in seven days. There are some high-tech ingredients to even out your skin tone too.”

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Best for getting rid of crow’s feet

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What’s happened here, then? Your heart-melting half-smile, compared to Clooney and Gosling in such respected forums as your own mind, now reveals tentacle-length grooves around the eyes whenever deployed.

Mark says: “The hydrogel patches in Barber Pro’s masks (£4.95) are rich in activated charcoal, volcanic ash and marine-based collagen. These work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, and also reduce puffiness and bags.”

Best for cracked heels and soles

What’s happened here, then? You’ve abused the freedom to wear flip-flops for a purpose other than a morning trot to the shop to buy full-fat milk (“it’s all they had”) and a 26-pack of fig rolls (“it’s all they had”).

Mark says: “Too much time in flip-flops will guarantee your heels look a mess after the hot weather. Smother your soles in this Elemis cream (£22) every evening before bed. It will soothe and repair them overnight thanks to shea butter and jojoba oil which melt into the skin to smooth and moisturise rough dry areas.”

Best For Dry Skin On The Body

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What’s happened here, then? Before this summer, the last time you bared your body in public was when “pulling a Ravanelli” to celebrate your “20-yard 5-a-side howitzer” (a misplaced pass that trickled in off the sidewall). The other team had already restarted, scoring instantly to restore a 15-goal cushion.

Mark says: “Cooling, refreshing and suitable for all skin types, Jack Black’s body lotion (£21.95) ticks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, rapidly absorbed and combats dry and rough patches without any stickiness or greasiness. Soy protein nourishes, macadamia nut oil helps maintain skin’s water-barrier function to slow moisture loss, and Vitamin E helps protect cells from radical damage.”

Best for breakouts on the face

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What’s happened here, then? The dream team of sunscreen and miscellaneous dirt have conspired to return your complexion to its “love chips, hate daylight” war zone from when you were 16. Thanks, pals!

Mark says: “If your skin is oily and prone to breakouts then you need to get your hands on Lab Series’ clay cleanser and mask (£23). It’s a dual-action product that works as a daily cleanser to purify skin, eliminating oil and dirt. For more serious oil control action, use it as a face mask. Amazonian white clay deep cleans and detoxifies skin, absorbing excess oil. A salicylic/lactic acid blend removes dead skin cells leaving it fresh.”

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