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Here are all the best new emojis coming to your phone in 2019

Don't pretend that you're too old to care

Here are all the best new emojis coming to your phone in 2019
06 February 2019

We all love emojis. We pretend we don’t if we’re over 25, and we have our own banned list (mine is the monkey covering his eyes or the winky-tongue-out smiley, I feel like a child if I use them) but we love them nonetheless.

Well, praise be, because the Unicode Consortium (no, us neither) have approved 59 new emojis for release - with gender variations it’s 75, and with skin tone variations it’s 230. 

It’s 2019 and finally we’ll have same sex couples, disability emojis, and then random fun stuff like flamingos and otters. Excellent.

Check out this video from Emojipeadia which is a real life thing:

Here’s our top five favourite new ones for you to use too much in the next year or so:

1. The Sloth

’Yeah sorry, I can’t make it tonight, because I can’t be arsed.’

Let’s be honest, how many times is this going to be used to say you’re too lazy to go and do something and you’re going to have to cancel your plans? This is definitely going to be in your top five within the first week.

2. Same sex couples

How has this taken this long to be an emoji? But at least finally they’re here, and with different ethnicities as well, plus mixed race couples! In! 2019! OK we should be celebrating these new ones but honestly lads, why has it taken this long? This should have been a priority in the very first batch, surely.

3. Oyster

If you live in London you can use this to talk about your Oyster Travelcard, otherwise maybe if you’re at the beach, essentially it’s very niche but for some reason we feel like you’re going to be using it a lot. It looks nice, mostly.

4. Yawning face

Is this a yawn? It’s quite weird. It sort of looks like he’s, in pain? Either way, the fact that it looks nothing like what it’s supposed to be is part of the appeal. We’ll all be using this when we’re a) hungover, b) at work, c) hungover at work, d) hungover at work listening to a boring presentation by your boss, texting your Best Work Mate. Just, you know, as an example.

5. Parachute

We’re 100% going to use this as the symbol for escaping an awkward situation at speed. Bad date? Awful work confrontation? Said the wrong name? Here’s your guy.

6. Drop of blood

This will mostly come into it’s own around Halloween, or if there’s a blood drive, but it just looks so..perfect, doesn’t it? So rounded, so beautiful and red. OK this is getting weird, but we really want an excuse to use it.

7. Skunk

Use it for post-gym smelling, or getting a bag of some sort of weed in. Is skunk still a thing? Who knows. 

8. Pinching hand

Yeah no idea what this one will be used for. No idea at all.

(Images: Emoji)