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12 holdalls & suitcases you need to take on your next weekend getaway

Still stuffing your stuff in a JD Sports bag? It's time to change your ways

12 holdalls & suitcases you need to take on your next weekend getaway

Still stuffing your going out clothes in a JD Sports bag when you go for a weekend away? You should be ashamed of yourselves. What do you think the rest of society makes of your shoddy packing? That you’re from Benefits Street, that’s what.

How are you ever going to get a free upgrade on a plane when you’re just carrying your crummy work backpack abroad? Do you really think that girl across the table is going to take any notice of you and your Converse stuffed into a 5p Tesco bag? Dream on, mate.

Show your possessions a little love with the best men’s holdalls and suitcases on the market, and all for under £150. 


Crafted in Japan from a premium navy canvas and trimmed with a super soft camel and claret suede, featuring a detachable shoulder strap for when you want to go hands free. It’s a work of art and a damn shame that you’ll be stuffing your dirty underwear in it.



If there were a nuclear strike on your travels, you could most likely take shelter in this secure, hard-sided matte effect suitcase from luggage icons Samsonite. We hope you don’t have to, but better safe than sorry. Why take the risk?



This waxed cotton holdall is all business on the outside with its luxurious cotton coated in rich wax, protecting it from the weather and scrapes you might endure on your journey. But on the inside it’s all party with its signature Barbour tartan lining, keeping your belongings housed in style.



It’s like you’re going on a business trip to the future, even though you’re just going on a dirty weekend trip to Newcastle. It’s also got 360 degree rotation with its four wheels, meaning you can roll back to the train station on the Sunday in your hungover stupor.



Spilled your beer all over it? Never fear, this wheeled duffel’s grey fabric is easily wiped clean. So leave your can of Stella unattended on the train while you go round a bend, because it’s all going to be alright. 


Jack Wills

Can’t be bothered paying for easyJet’s outrageous luggage fees? Then go hand luggage only with this spacious khaki weekend holdall with external zipped compartments and look good while you’re beating the system.



“You hunt a crocodile and make that bag yourself?” Shut up Uncle Tom, animal textures are on trend and everyone knows it. So shut your fat mouth and go back to your one bed flat. This is why you’re alone.



Probably the most sartorial piece of luggage you’ll ever get for this price, and although it’s made from cardboard (yes, cardboard) it’s actually extremely sturdy and reliable, featuring stunning details such as wooden slats and side rivets.



Going on an activity weekend? Go you, being all healthy and living an actual proper life. Patagonia pride themselves on creating functional and sustainable outdoor accessories, and this padded duffel bag with a water repellent finish justifies that pride.


Dickins & Jones

You arrive at your hotel, open your suitcase, and see that the odd airport baggage handler has nicked your toothbrush to create a freaky shrine to you. Nightmare. Never let this happen again, get yourself a vintage cabin sized case with a secure lock on it and save yourself the hassle.


John Lewis

You get off the plane to Prague. You’re three sheets to the wind. Hammered. It’s only 9AM. How are you going to spot your bag? It’s all going to be fine, even Shane MacGowan could spot this burning red case made in a highly lightweight polycarbonate material.



Canadian brand Herschel cements its status as one of the greatest bag makers around with this sleek camo design. Try not to drop it in a wooded area though and lose it, because that’s just money down the drain.