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Why you should be stocking up on hoodies right now

Here are the ten best on the market

Why you should be stocking up on hoodies right now
22 February 2018

Rather unhelpfully, the weather has chosen to not play along with your wish for a little meterological clemency. We apologise on its behalf, but also offer you an alternative: hoodies. 

Yep, hoodies. 

Long gone are the days where hoodies were the scourge of Bluewater shopping centre’s security staff, and now you can get away with wearing one to the office without looking like you’ve got in through an air vent or like you work on the IT desk (sorry to all tech people reading this; you do an invaluable service even if your attire is usually a little… you know). 

A pullover hoodie especially is, despite what you may think, actually a more stylish option, even though it feels a little more casual. Originally favoured by jogging types and boxers chasing chickens in Philadelphian driveways, the pullover hoodie has clean lines and keeps a much more structured shape than the zip-up, which can often come across as dead sloppy once you wear it in a bit.

In these temperaturally unstable times, the hoodie is also versatile: able to be layered under a jacket on cold days (and there have been plenty of them) or over a T-shirt on warmer days (and I am assured that these will one day return). While we’re not terribly adverse to a logo’d hoodie, we’d usually favour the more muted, stripped-back kind that every wardrobe needs (a grey marl or navy one, especially) or one in a lovely, spring-is-coming! pastel shade.

Here’s a quick rundown of our ten favourites available for you to buy right now: 

  1. 1.Champion x UO White Hoodie

  2. 2.Norse Projects Ketel Summer Classic Hood Sweat

  3. 3.Champion Reverse Weave Classic Hoodie

  4. 4.Folk Rivet Hooded Sweatshirt

  5. 5.J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

  6. 6.Converse x Tyler Golf Le Fleur Overhead Hoodie

  7. 7.Navy Gusset Pullover Parka SPECIAL

  8. 8.MKI Miyuki Zoku AW17 Signature Series Hoodie

  9. 9.The Idle Man Sunday Club Slow Times Embroidery Over Head Hoodie

  10. 10. Acne Studios’ Mini Ferris Hoodie