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10 of the best dressed men from the Emmy Awards (plus the Stranger Things kids)

It's a sad, sad day when you're being outdressed by a 14 year old

10 of the best dressed men from the Emmy Awards (plus the Stranger Things kids)
19 September 2016

We've rounded up some of the Emmy Awards' best dressed men as a gentle reminder that we will never be that well dressed or wealthy.

Nasty, we know, but sometimes we all need a good cry. So get ready to punch your screen in a rage of jealousy and anger!

Gaten Matarazzo & Caleb McLaughlin

Stranger Things has become like oxygen and water to people; if they don't get their daily dose of what the kids are up to they will literally die. So here's your fix for today: Gaten wearing a checked waistcoat with matching bowtie and Caleb wearing a Hefner-esque embroidered blazer.

Aziz Ansari

The Parks & Recreation funny guy shows that you don't necessarily have to wear a bowtie to be suave and sophisticated, just a wide lapel tux jacket and low cut waistcoat that costs a month's salary should be more than enough.

Kit Harrington

If you're going to wear a black tuxedo to an awards show, you have to make it special, else you'll just end up blending into the background or get asked to pick up empty glasses. Jon Snow shows that he does in fact know something, as his contrast satin lapels are a decadent update to the classic tailoring.

George R.R. Martin

He might not be spending those Game of Thrones dollars on a beard trim, but he sure is splashing out on the suits with this sleek blue pinstripe three piece, finished off with a skull print dress scarf instead of a traditional tie.

Rami Malek

Thought Rami would be more of a Q than a James Bond? Think again. Here the star of the award winning Mr Robot swaps the hoodie for a luxurious white tuxedo jacket with polka dot pocket square.

Trevor Jackson

Singer, actor, songwriter and dancer. Is there really any need to show off that much? Most people can't even do one of those. Then he goes and adds sharp dresser to the list too with his burgundy velvet suit and loafers. You ever heard of being subtle, mate?

Bryan Cranston

Look at that smirk. He knows he's absolutely slaying it in this midnight blue tuxedo jacket with simple black trousers. Where did you get the funds to dress that dapper Cranston? You shifting some crystal on the side? Hmmm? Because you didn't pay for it with that Godzilla movie, that was horrific.

Justin Mikita & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Best dressed couple of the night has to go to the Modern Family actor and his lawyer husband, who smashed it on the red carpet with an electric blue tuxedo with piping on the trousers and a Seventies inspired brown tuxedo (which sounds god awful, but it actually works).