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Who is the best dressed man of 2016?

You cast the deciding vote

Who is the best dressed man of 2016?

That’s it. It’s nearly over. 2016, you’ve been...erm...interesting.

Brexit, Trump, killing off a huge amount of iconic human beings and a gorilla, this year truly has been ruthless. But we’re not here to talk about all that grim stuff that’s surely set to royally f*ck up 2017, we’re here to take your mind of it and judge people by their sense of style, because there’s only so many times you can numb the pain with cheap wine.

So without further ado, here’s our roundup of the best dressed men of 2016 to take your mind off its awareness of our impending doom. All you have to do is rip them apart and vote for your favourite in the end.


Jack Guinness, model

You might think, “HA! Why is a model in this list? He’s professionally good looking and gets dressed by other people!” It’s true he may get paid to just to be handsome, but even off camera he dresses like he’s in a slick Seventies cop show with this flared nude suit. Just look at him, he’s probably only nipping out to the off-license because he’s ran out of bread.

Justin O’Shea, menswear buyer

He was Creative Director of Brioni for only six months before he departed this year. But what a six months he had, recruiting Metallica for a suiting campaign. I think this ruffled a few old, boring, white middle class feathers. But despite this he can still be found looking suave in Hunter S Thompson style sunglasses, a retro paisley shirt and waistcoat. One of the only men around to have hand tattoos and wear a suit without looking like he’s on his way to court for selling counterfeit DVDs on a council estate. Lion King 7: Simba’s Revenge anyone?

Jason Dill, professional skater

Who knew older professional skaters wore anything but battered Etnies and long sleeve t-shirts underneath short sleeve t-shirts? Well, they do, and Jason Dill is the best dressed of them all, seen here modelling a silk red western shirt and classic collegiate jacket from Supreme’s AW16 lookbook.

Chris Pine, actor

Actors who wear black suits on the red carpet are bland as hell. They are the missionary position of the fashion world. Star Trek’s Chris Pine knows it’s his time to show off when he’s opening a movie, executing his vintage Americana road trip look here in an open revere collar shirt and reptile textured shoes.

A$AP Rocky, musician

A$AP Rocky broke the hip hop cliche of blinged out streetwear by pledging his allegiance to premium brands such as Gucci and Dior, giving their high couture a contemporary spin. It’s nice to see someone young and authentic can afford it rather than just the Trump children.

Dougie Poynter, musician

McFly are not cool. They never were cool and never will be cool (OK, All About You was a banger, but that’s it). However Dougie Poynter is a proper rock ‘n’ roll star trapped in the body of a nostalgic pop act, doomed to play catchy bass lines to a see of 12 year old girls, all the while wishing he was in Kings of Leon in his leather biker jacket, white jeans and Saint Laurent Chelsea boots.

Paul Pogba, footballer

They may still have shit haircuts and idiotic Tweets, but footballers really have upped their style game in the last couple years. The Manchester United star pulls off a baroque inspired floral blazer with velvet lapels in a slick update to the black tie dress code, very almost by a lame thumbs up pose.

Rami Malek, actor

Walk into your office in this much blue and your boss will think you’re having some kind of psychotic mid-life crisis. Mr Robot does it and he looks like a modern day pimp, strutting down the streets of New York in his linen suit, leather creepers and polka dot shirt. The secret is simple: get your own Amazon Prime TV show. Then you’ll be able to pull this off.

Wiz Khalifa, musician

Kurt Cobain, that you? No, it’s ol’ skinny Wiz, bringing a grunge aesthetic to his live shows with an oversized check workwear shirt and light wash ripped jeans. Forget Kanye and his clunky, overpriced moon boots, this is the real face of wearable hip hop style.

Nick Wooster, brand consultant

Working with big names such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne as a brand consultant, basically telling them what’s cool and what’s not, sounds like a pretty cushy job. But at the age of 56 and still looking like this, who can blame them for hiring him? If your grandad was wearing animal print tees and had full tattoo sleeves you’d be asking him to go to the pub to pick up girls.

Alex Turner, musician

Once a spotty Yorkshire lad drinking alcopops at the side of a grotty Sheffield club dance floor, now an absolute tour de force who embodies the confidence of Elvis and the slicked back hair of John Travolta in Grease (but he has adopted a certain weirdness with the new bravado). With his skinny fit suits, cowboy shirts, leather boots and unwavering confidence, he’s the closest thing we’ll ever get to a music legend, because everyone else is too obsessed with Instagram and wearing chinos.

Zayn Malik, musician

He may have dumped his fiancee by text, an incredibly dick move, but he sure does know how to wear the hell out of a double breasted suit and roll neck. Is that enough to forgive him? Nah, he’s still a bit of a twat, but Shout Out to My Ex is a tune, so we have that to thank him for.

Blondey McCoy, skater/designer/artist

These bloody millenials. Can never be just one thing. They have to be a DJ as well as a vet and a chef. But Blondey McCoy is actually decent at all three of his professions, altering the perceptions of skatewear with his brand Thames London. He also rides for Palace, probably the most hyped skate rband going today, which is why you’ll always see him wearing the latest gear. He also has a silver tooth like a pirate, which is obviously sick.

Russell Westbrook, basketball player

The man wears a hat and doesn’t look like James Bay or Pete Doherty. We salute you, sir. The professional American basketball player also pulls off distressed casual wear without looking like he’s from Nineties Seattle. Is there anything this man can’t do? We bet you a tenner that he’d also pull off dungarees and the Come On Eileen melody wouldn’t even enter your mind.