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Best Advert of 2010?

Blockbuster ad turns city into playground

Best Advert of 2010?

After a summer that provided more exhaustion than excitement at the cinema, an unlikely source has provided us with an ad that manages to out-thrill most Hollywood blockbusters this year.

The advert, promoting Middle Eastern telecom provider Batelco, takes us on a journey through variously awe-inspiring scenes, including a train that transforms into a rollercoaster, a skateboarder trialling a dangerous half-pipe and an F1 race through a shopping centre.

Directed by Alex & Steffen, who’ve also been behind ads for Snickers and Xbox, the commercial has been in production for over a year. Coming soon after the Nike World Cup ad, which resulted in a collective jaw-drop back in May, it’s another thrilling example of how epic advertising can be. BT take note.