This 53 billion pixel photo of a car will legitimately blow your mind

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Amelia Tait

Just look at that. That is one beautiful picture of a car.

Oh, sorry, what? You just see the Golden Gate Bridge in California? Let us help you out.

Yep, this is a 53 billion pixel photograph of a gold and black sedan, taken whilst the car was moving

If that wasn't enough, you can actually zoom right into the embroidered logo on the car's leather seats. 

Which is nice and all - but what actual wizardry is this? How is it possible?

Well, to make the incredible image, Bentley had help from NASA, who previously developed this gigapixel technology to compile images of Mars captured by the Curiosity Rovers. 

This image, like those from Mars, isn't just one picture, but hundreds of them stitched together. Bentley created the image to show off the Mulsanne's wider wheelbase of 3,516mm, but that is totally not what we're taking away from this. You can try it out for yourself here.


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