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These before-and-after photos of US cities show how bad climate change could really get

This is truly frightening

These before-and-after photos of US cities show how bad climate change could really get
13 March 2018

We all know we should be doing more to help save the planet; maybe use a bit less plastic, have shorter showers and turn off our laptops at night to save electricity. Unfortunately, though, we usually need to be shocked into action before changing our habits – that’s why David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II was so effective.

The latest tool that tells us just how devastating climate change could get is a Google Earth plug-in from environmental research group Climate Central. They’ve created the tool to help the public get a better understanding of how US cities could look in the future, according to predictions for 2100.

These calculations were based on research conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency in 2017 and show what would happen in a worst-case scenario if sea levels experience an extreme rise.

According to Climate Central: “Global warming has raised global sea level about 8 inches since 1880, and the rate of rise is accelerating. Rising seas dramatically increase the odds of damaging floods from storm surges.

“Across the country, nearly 5 million people live in 2.6 million homes at less than 4 feet above high tide — a level lower than the century flood line for most locations analyzed.”

You can download and install the plug-in via the Climate Central website here.

1. New York before

New York after

2. Boston before

Boston after

3. San Francisco before

San Francisco after

(Images: Google Earth)