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Beavertown Nanobot revealed - a 2.8% IPA that packs a punch

It may only by 2.8% but Beavertown has packed it with flavour.

Beavertown Nanobot revealed - a 2.8% IPA that packs a punch

It may well be a tough time for breweries at the moment, given the current lockdown situation. Thankfully some of the best subscription boxes services have been doing a roaring trade and many brewers are concocting new beers for us to try at home.

The latest is Beavertown with its Beavertown Nanobot. This new IPA is billed as a "pint-sized powerhouse" brewed with Sabro and Simcoe hops.

The idea behind the beer was to create an IPA that is brimming with flavour but at a lower alcohol volume.

So says Logan Plant, founder of Beavertown: “When Beavertown started we were all about creating punchy, big-hitting beers that people hadn’t had before in the UK. Nowadays, people want even more from their food and drink choices to suit their lifestyle and a lot of the time, that can mean choosing a low ABV or less calories at the expense of something else – flavour. We want to remedy that with Nanobot”.

How has Beavertown added flavour? Well, it has something to do with the oats and wheat it's added which gives the same mouthful feeling but under 100 calories at 2.8%.

The beer is launching today at Beavertown's online shop and will come with its own virtual tasting session at 4pm today (1 May). This is all part of the #4pmWithBeavertown initiative the brewery started to ease the pain of lockdown.

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