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Read the outpouring of love for BBC newsreader George Alagiah after revealing cancer has returned

Like an absolute pro he still turned up to present the news

Read the outpouring of love for BBC newsreader George Alagiah after revealing cancer has returned
16 January 2018

BBC News viewers were devastated yesterday after hearing the news that one of the nation’s favourite newsreaders, George Alagiah, is facing a second fight with cancer.

The News at Six host revealed he is to undergo medical treatment again for bowel cancer – but, incredibly, he still turned up for his shift just a few hours later and presented the news. What an absolute pro.

The 62-year-old father-of-two wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Always knew cancer could come back but still tough dealing with disappointment. Harder for my family. I know what I have to do: stay calm, stay content, stay fit and let doctors do their best.”

He added in a statement: “My brilliant doctors are determined to get me back to a disease-free state and I know they have the skill to do just that.

“I learned last time around how important the support of family and friends is and I am blessed in that department. I genuinely feel positive as I prepare for this new challenge.”

Alagiah was previously treated for cancer in April 2014, returning to the screen 18 months later. In a statement, the BBC said: “Everyone sends George and his family their best wishes as he undergoes treatment.”

And on Twitter there’s been a massive outpouring of love for the newsreader – with some sharing their favourite stories of when they met him.

Nick Dalby said‏: “When I was about 15, I wrote to the BBC asking how to become a journalist. A week later my phone rang and the wonderful @georgealagiah talked me through my options and gave great advice. I have never forgotten what a remarkable thing to do that was. Thank you George. Get well soon.”

Caroline King, a CofE reverend, added: “Best wishes, you made our son @joshuaharris34 very happy many years ago on a tour round the BBC when he was just a small boy. He is first year at uni now and a BBC News/Parliament addict. Thank you and good luck.”

Sundip Meghani went on: “I’ve always appreciated your work George, and, like many other people, I feel as if I know you. I’ve always thought of you as a reliable, steadfast, decent gentleman; bringing news and information to the people in a calm and personable way. All good wishes to you and your family.”

And rival ITV News host Alastair Stewart said: “Wishing you all the very best at this difficult, challenging time. You are one of the very best in the business as well as a truly wonderful human being. You are in my thoughts and prayers, George.”

Joanna Kamenou added: “George Alagiah is a true professional presenting the news this evening. Hope he can recover soon.”

We know you can beat this George! Good luck!

(Image: BBC)