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Ballantine's x Boiler Room celebrate 10 years - reveal True Music 10 in style

Sarz Boiler Room DJ set starts the anniversary celebrations...

Ballantine's x Boiler Room celebrate 10 years - reveal True Music 10 in style
Marc Chacksfield
09 April 2024

For 10 years now Ballantine's and Boiler Room have been championing grassroots music across the globe. To celebrate this, the pair have launched True Music 10 - a bevy of worldwide celebrations happening throughout the year that kicked off in London with an energetic gig by Afrobeats DJ Sarz.

ShortList was lucky enough to be at the secret gig, which took place in London in front of just 100 fans, and it was a fantastic kick-off of what will be a year-long programme of 10 in-person and broadcast music events.

If you weren't in the audience for that one, then there will also be pop-ups in Colombia and South Africa and Boiler Room will be returning to Johannesburg, South Africa, which was home to one of the partnership’s first ever shows.

Ballantine's x Boiler Room celebrate 10 years - reveal True Music 10 in style
Image Credit: Future / Marc Chacksfield

This is a massive multi-stage event that will have the likes of Masters At Work, DBN Gogo, and Toccororo all playing live.

Speaking about the True Music 10 initiative, Tom Elton, Head of Culture and Partnerships at Ballantine’s said: “The evolution of True Music over the past decade has been remarkable. For 10 strong years, the platform has been committed to representing, supporting, and promoting inclusive music culture by celebrating pioneering local artists and communities from around the world on a global stage.

"We believe in the power of staying true to yourself and doing things your own way, and over the years we are proud to have worked with some of the most exciting ‘Stay True’ artists, who are propelling music culture forward and making music for passion. Here’s to the next ten. “

As well as the live music, Ballantine’s has said that it will also continue its ongoing True Music Fund, contributing a further 10 grants over the next year, to support emerging local music-focused organisations and collectives who are driving modern music culture.

For more information, head to the official site.