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Awesome Halloween costumes for your iPhone (seriously)

Because buying your own fancy dress is too much hassle

Awesome Halloween costumes for your iPhone (seriously)

Be honest, you don't have the time nor the inclination to go big on your Halloween outfit this year - someone 'creative' will inevitably turn up in a homemade Jared Leto Joker costume that puts all others to shame. 

You want an easy route. A Halloween 'Hack'. Minimum effort, maximum results: topical, humorous, genuinely terrifying. 

What you want is a blindingly brilliant iPhone case. "What did you come as?" you mates will ask - you just pull this horror out of your pocket and suddenly no one could give a toss about that guy's hand drawn Joker tattoos. 

Happy haunting. 

Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case

A case that'll turn all Samsung fans into a quivering wreck. "No! NO! Note the Galaxy Note 7!" The most cutting tech banter of 2016. 

$24.99 (£20.43)

Zombie case

Perfect companion to an otherwise half-arsed attempted at a Walking Dead outfit.


Human heart

Provides the perfect opportunity for approaching an ex and uttering the line, "Here, you can have this back now, I don't need it any more". Burn etc.


Rotting flesh

This is as good as an entire outfit. Rip an old shirt sleeve, stick this underneath in one of those iPhone jogging armbands, watch all friends recoil in fear when you brush up against them.


Fanged face

Just prop this up in the window, set your ring tone to an horrific scream, have your mate call your phone and watch the room lose their minds to find out what's making the noise.


Shining print case

A far more subtle attempt at referencing The Shining than walking around axing down doors.


Broken iPhone 6 case

The best use of this case would be to ask to borrow your mate's phone, slip this over it and then pretend to drop it. Hilarious for 20 seconds. 


Gun case

The finishing touch to what will doubtless be a deeply inappropriate outfit. 


Hand iPhone case

One for those still clinging on to their iPhone 5S. It's hard to make an old phone last that long, you've gotta hand it to them...

$69 (£57)