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This ATM is actually a portal to a secret gin bar

Your money is no use here

This ATM is actually a portal to a secret gin bar
Holly Pyne
29 August 2019

Let’s be honest, going out for drinks with friends can sometimes mean spending a small fortune. But, not anymore! A gin bar has popped up in Bermondsey, London, and it is encouraging you to escape a “money-orientated existence”.

To fit in with the money theme, you of course enter through an opening behind a cash machine. The ATM bar (it stands for ‘Automated Transport to the Marvellous’) is the newest experience from Hendrick’s Gin, following their previous Launderette gin portals and flower-filled phoneboxes.
And the best thing? They mean it when your money is no use at the ATM bar because tickets are free and so are the drinks, as with the experience, you’ll get two free G&Ts (yay).

Be warned: this is not your everyday speakeasy. Shortlist has already had a sneak peak (don’t worry, no spoilers) but this is a whole experience. If you're just looking for a quiet place to drink, this is not it.
Visitors will be expected to engage with all the weird and wonderful characters they meet along the journey. For example, ticket holders are shown the way into the bar by bank manager Alf, an eccentric man with a cane and bowler hat (pictured above), before travelling through the rest of the botanical bank.
Not afraid of some theatrics? Then this is your thing. You better be quick though because the pop-up is around for one weekend only and tickets are selling fast.
Don’t worry if the slot you want is sold out though, as more tickets will be released each day at precisely 12:34pm (yes, exactly 12:34pm). There will also be a final sale on Saturday for any remaining tickets so keep an eye on the event page.
The ATM Bar can be found at 6 Crucifix Lane, London from Thursday 29 August to Sunday 1 September.
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