This mindblowing artwork isn't quite what it seems

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Look closer

At first glance, this piece of art by Thomas Deininger looks pretty ordinary.

It’s a good depiction of a man’s face, yes, but it’s not particularly noteworthy in terms of style – it looks just like your regular oil painting, right?


Look a little closer, and you’ll see that this piece of work isn’t quite what it seems. 

In actual fact, the artwork is made up of hundreds of objects – mesh, pearls, beads, dolls, ribbons, even photographs – collated together to create what appears to be a 2 dimensional image when viewed from the front.

And it’s not the only work of Deininger that surprises in this way – in fact, it’s sort of his speciality.

He also made this spooky pair of eyes: 

And this multi-layered fish: 

Tom has plenty of other work on his website, which you can see here.

But be warned – it’s never quite what it seems.

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(Image: Unsplash)


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