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This incredible app uses AR to turn you into a brilliant artist (even if you think you can’t draw)

Now anybody can draw! Who needs talent?

This incredible app uses AR to turn you into a brilliant artist (even if you think you can’t draw)

It’s tough, not being able to draw - a real source of annoyance for many people. So any help is welcome, and if you’re keen on upping your game but don’t have the time for (or can’t be arsed with) actual lessons, then this app might be for you.

Essentially, SketchAR will project an image onto a piece of paper for you, so that you can “trace” over it while looking at your phone. Here’s how it works:

The app comes loaded with a bunch of templates as well as collaborations with top artists, and aims to help you learn, rather than simply cheat (although if you want to cheat, that’s fine too). 

It’s not just your standard A4 paper-type business either - it’ll also help with larger projects, like murals:

And if you’re actually keen on this “learning to draw” malarkey, then it also offers tutorials so you can properly get stuck in on your quest to be the next Bankster. Banky? Bankles? Bonkey? Brontol? Branksty? Butter? Brunthorpe? Brunthrope. The famous graffiti artist Brunthorpe. 

It’s available for Android and iPhones, as well as the Microsoft Hololens - you can download it here.


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