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Arsenal Fan TV was as brilliant as you'd expect after Cup Final thrashing by Man City

Gary Neville also had some very strong words

Arsenal Fan TV was as brilliant as you'd expect after Cup Final thrashing by Man City
26 February 2018

We all know the drill by now. Whenever Arsenal suffer particularly humbling defeat, the first place you head is to Arsenal Fan TV’s YouTube page, to watch Claude, Ty, Troopz, DT and co. rage until their eyes turn as red as their shirts.

Sunday saw the Gunners get hammered 3-0 by Manchester City in the league cup final, with goals from Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany and David Silva.

Arsenal’s players were accused of lacking fight and passion and they whimpered to defeat at Wembley, and as expected, the fans did not hold back when host Robbie asked about the performance.

First he caught up with Troopz, who lamented: “We no longer run Wembley, blud. That is gone. We are fucking dead. We’re dead.”

He continued: “Nobody stepped up. Nobody wanted to fight. There was no passion,” and also called for manager Arsene Wenger to be sacked multiple times. “I’m done with this shit,” he said.

Next up came Claude and Ty, and Claude was his typical livid self as he ranted: “We’re not a big club anymore!”

“They’re all shit. The whole defence is shit. The whole of them,” he raged, while also taking singular shots at right back Hector Bellerin, who has criticised the Fan TV channel for profiting off negativity in the past.

“Fucking Bellerin going on about how we’re making money out of negativity,” he said, “yet he’s making loads of money out not not turning up in a cup final. What’s worse?”

Another particularly strong critic of Arsenal’s performance was commentator Gary Neville, who branded them ‘spineless’ for not standing up to City, and for crumbling without so much as a fight.

“Absolute disgrace they are. They’re an absolute disgrace. Giving up. Spineless.”

The camera then cut to a young Arsenal fan crying in the crowd, and Neville saw another opportunity to have a (fair) dig at Arsenal.

“Look at that,” he said. “That’s what you’ve caused.”

If Arsenal want revenge on City, they’re in luck - the two clubs face off again on Thursday, this time in the Premier League, as City look to extend their lead at the top of the table.

After yesterday’s performance, you can’t see many Arsenal fans expecting a positive result.

(Image: Arsenal Fan TV)