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According to this artist, GPS is ruining our lives and circular maps are the way forward

If nothing else, these maps look damn cool...

According to this artist, GPS is ruining our lives and circular maps are the way forward
09 March 2016

There is a man so thoroughly convinced that GPS is destroying our ability to orientate mentally that he’s designed a series of maps based on his personal experiences.

And there’s a lot of circles.

Archie Archambault started designing the maps after moving to Portland, Oregon and struggling to work out where he wanted to go shortly after. His experience with services like Google Maps was that of frustration and a lack of perspective.

Portland then, became his first subject. Dividing a circle into four quarters, he started labelling the areas as he explored them based on his feelings about the area.

Google Maps has a scientific feel. I wanted to communicate the idea of a city on paper.

Portland was just the start – the artist has expanded and includes dozens of areas in his body of work, not just limited to America either. Sadly there’s no London, but he is working on it.

It’s not just based on Archambault’s experiences though – he polls the locals to make sure their thoughts line up with his, adjusting the maps accordingly. He polls estate agents too, as they’re the ones who end up naming emerging neighbourhoods.

All those circles though? He claims they are the universe’s softest shape, and unmatched in providing clear size and connection to the map.

The majority of his maps might be cities, but there’s also graphics for the Milky Way and the human heart too.

According to Archambault, most maps take 15 hours to complete (but only if you’re “super familiar” with the city).

We’ll be sticking with GPS to get to the nearest Pret, but these would be damn nice to hang on the walls of your flat, no? You can buy one right here.

(Images: Archie's Press/Instagram)