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Arboreal UFO hotel wins tourism award

Swedish resort boasts luxurious spaceship treehouse

Arboreal UFO hotel wins tourism award

Despite what Hollywood (and some American farmers) may profess, boarding a UFO doesn’t always end in a gruesome death and/or rectal probing. Indeed, spending the night in the spaceship-shaped structure pictured below would actually be quite pleasant. This is because the structure in question was built not by aliens, but highly-respected Swedish architects.

‘The UFO’ is just one of six eye-catching cabins that make up Treehotel — a unique resort nestled in a picturesque forest near Sweden’s Lule River. Recently awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize, Treehotel offers its guests the chance to escape city life and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. While pretending they’re in Flight Of The Navigator.

One night inside ‘The UFO’ will set you back approximately £374. A small price to pay for being better prepared for any future stays on an alien spacecraft.


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