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Apple is going to start telling you if your boss is spying on you

Best be careful what you do with that company phone

Apple is going to start telling you if your boss is spying on you

Do you have a company iPhone?

You fancy-business-exec-type you. We bet you only use quilted loo roll, right? And actually travel enough to have a Frequent Flyer number, eh? We've always wanted one of them...

Anyway - be honest now - do you ever forget that your iPhone isn't actually yours? Do you find yourself scrolling through job sites or answering personal emails without a care in the world, only to remember with a jolt that you almost certainly shouldn't be?

Well Apple's next iOS update (9.3) is going to give you a helpful reminder.

According to Reddit user MaGNeTiX, the new operating software will provide several big red flags to indicate to you if your iPhone is being monitored. 

MaGNeTiX has been running the iOS 9.3 Beta software on his work phone, and noticed several messages that informed him, This iPhone is managed by your organisation.

This appears along the bottom of the locked phone screen
While this appears in the 'About' menu, with his company name blanked out

No, this will only appear if your company iPhone has been set up with through Apple's Device Enrollment Program - a system that allows companies to keep a tab rolling out masses of iMacs, iPads and iPhones. 

It doesn't look like you'll be able to turn this function off - it's just a helpful reminder that your boss will know exactly what websites you're browsing, and will know where it is at all times.

"So, feeling any better since yesterday?"

"Ah, yeah - so much better. Thanks for letting me take the day off..."

"And how was Alton Towers?"

"It was AMAZING; no kids, no queues and... wait, what?"

Best leave it at home to be safe.