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This is how to take really great photos on your iPhone, according to Apple

It's all in the little details

This is how to take really great photos on your iPhone, according to Apple
12 May 2017

Over the years, the iPhone’s camera has gone from serviceable, on-the-go snapper to a stupidly capable juggernaut. You won’t find serious photographers – the kind that have at least three tripods in their bookmarks bar at any given time and think Instagram filters should be illegal – leaving their DSLRs at home just yet, but for the rest of us, Apple’s device is good enough for any spontaneous photo op.

Thing is, though, you might actually be wasting its functionality. The iPhone 7 camera (and even more so its dual-lens bigger brother, the iPhone 7 Plus) is loaded with fancy features that amateurs have no idea how to properly take advantage of.

Rather than continue to rub our faces in it with those annoyingly great “Shot on iPhone” posters that line every single wall of the London Underground, Apple have uncharacteristically decided to publish a host of handy tutorials. You can either head to the fancy new section of the website dedicated to photography how-tos (it really is nice) or just browse the same clips on the YouTube account. While a lot of it is fairly self-explanatory, it’s worth scanning for a few tips. You want to take better pictures of your Spaghetti Bolognese don’t you? DON’T YOU?!

We’ve picked out a few of the more useful ones.

How to shoot a great portrait

Nothing says “I do photography now” like the iPhone 7’s Portrait mode, complete with that arty depth-of-field effect that mimics much more powerful cameras. It’s so cool that you’ll actually enjoy taking pictures of your better half next time you go out for a meal. For the first 27 times anyway. 

How to shoot a close-up

This one shows you how to take the most effective close-up of your dog. Take pictures of your dog, people. Every single day. Social media depends on it. 

How to shoot a vertical Pano 

Have you ever taken a vertical panorama before? Yeah same. Loads. Were you even aware you could do it? Same. Best feature I reckon.

How to shoot without a flash

This is just a simple tip on how best to shoot without your flash on, but it’s a handy one, especially when low-light has always been the bane of smartphone cameras.

The Apple site is brimming with video, some of them more complex than the ones above. There’s nothing mind-blowing in there, but if you, like millions of others, regard your smartphone as your primary camera now, it’s good to know you’re making the most of it.

Now go forth and spam everyone with your selfies.

(Images: iStock/Apple)