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Apple admit they broke iOS 12 but they just wanted to make you beautiful

If you have the latest iPhone, this probably affects you

Apple admit they broke iOS 12 but they just wanted to make you beautiful
Tom Victor
24 October 2018

A pattern has developed with the last few iPhone releases, with fans packing out the streets to get their hand on the new model.

It can be easy to understand why, too, with Apple pushing the envelope with each new release and giving us expectations of big changes for upcoming iPhone models.

However, when you keep pushing something it can eventually break, and that is exactly the case here, although you may have some sympathy with Apple when you find out just why the issues with iOS12 came into being.

One of the biggest appeals of the latest iPhone releases has surrounded their camera, and its ability to capture as good a version of you as possible. This is because society is now forever addicted to the illicit thrill of a well framed selfie and this addiction must be sated at all costs.

However, users took issue with the front-facing camera seemingly smoothing out skin on photos. Essentially auto-photoshopping people so that they look like they were 3D printed in an Influencer Lab. Up to now, Apple had yet to respond to the claims and iPhone fans have been a mixture of confused, annoyed and ecstatic - depending on their selfie tastes.

Speaking to The Verge, an Apple spokesperson explained the company is looking to fix this in iOS 12.1, seemingly the first public acknowledgement of the issue existing.

It has been dubbed ‘BeautyGate’, with the new iOS 12 settings on the iPhone XS or XS Max allegedly producing photos which subtly change what people and/or backgrounds look like, and YouTube channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ has an explainer below.

Don’t have time to watch? The phone basically keeps modifying people’s faces with a secret ‘beauty mode’ that smoothes out your skin and makes you look like you’ve been carved from alabaster. 

But what about those of us who liked being made more beautiful by the camera on our new iPhones? Can we still do that?

It’s unclear what the tweaks will be for iOS 12.1 (it’s still in beta and The Verge were not given access to test things out) but perhaps Apple will opt for it to become an option you can toggle on and off.

Oh, and it’s seemingly only ever been a front-facing camera issue, meaning it’s affects selfies rather than photos of others – those photos your pals took of you are still fair game for your Tinder profile.

Anyhow, now you know.

(Images: Getty)